With her dazzling attire and stage-brightening smile, Dolly Parton would seemingly be an ideal celebrity to hit the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ set — she’s even got the costuming down already. Still, the ‘Jolene’ hitmaker does not think she’d be a good fit and has refused several offers to appear on the show.

“Oh no! They have tried to get me on that ever since it started, even before this movie, and I said, ‘Are you insane?!’” Parton told The Boot, laughing when questioned about whether or not she’d give the popular ballroom dancing show a try. “Nooo!” she added. “I would be amazing all right, but not in the right way!”

But even if Miss Parton won’t be making a pit stop into ABC anytime soon, fans can still catch her in all of her glory when she returns to the big screen next week. The iconic songstress’ latest movie release, ‘Joyful Noise’ — which is her first film since 1992′s ‘Straight Talk’ — hits theaters on Jan. 13.

Thankfully, Parton’s character in the flick, G.G. Sparrow, is “so her” that she found it easy and didn’t have to reach too deep into her rusty bag of acting skills to muster up what she needed. “That character was so me that I didn’t really feel like I was acting. I had a great director [Todd Graff, whose previous credits include 'Camp' and 'Bandslam'],” she said. “If I was trying too hard to do it my way, he was wonderful to say, ‘Well, you need to have a little more edge.’ But he liked me doing my own thing, being my own self as much as I could, so I didn’t feel like I was really acting that much. Although there were some wonderful moments in this, a little deeper than I hate going, so I’m just hoping it turned out good.”

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