It was less than two months ago that I was walking my dogs Koda and Gypsy along the Maclay Flatts trail in Missoula and it was littered with Doggie "Mutt Mitts". Yes, dog owners were willing to pick up their dogs mess, but then left the full bag for someone else to clean up. I cannot put into words how much better it was this past Sunday when I took my dogs again.

One, only one dog bag was found on the trail. Which means dog owners are being much better about cleaning up after their dogs. Which means more people can enjoy the trail without having to watch their step. It may not seem like a huge deal, but it is so inconsiderate if you choose not to clean up after your dog.

Yes, there was one bag that was left behind, but hopefully this owner will realize the error of their ways and clean up. It will truly be a wonderful day when we can visit the trail without having to worry about full doggie mutt mitts along the path.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Seeley Lake!