About the only powers our cat Patches has are finding the best sunlight and annoying us with "I want in/out/in/out/in/out."

But the sports fans of St. Petersburg, Russia, will see if Achilles can pick the winner in an upcoming international football tournament. It's called the Confederation, and it's the main warm-up prior to next year's World Cup.

There are few details about Achiles's qualifications, but AP says he was chosen from about 50 cats that live in the cellars of St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum. They are used to catch mice, which has been in the museum's heritage since the 18th century.

You know the usual routine when animals are asked to predict sporting events: Achiles will be offered two different plates of food before each game to predict the Confederation Cup results.

There is no word on whether he will then tamper with U.S. elections.


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