Montana is definitely a dog-loving state, but nobody wants to deal with one who could put the bite on someone. Is that a problem in Montana?

Not so much, at least according to Brodie Hurtado, a public relations specialist with State Farm Insurance. State Farm released financial amounts of claims paid in 2017, which found Montana ranked 44th in the United States. That sounds pretty good, but when you look at cost-per-claim, well, that's a pretty big...bite!

The total claims paid in Montana was $269,219.00. The total number of claims was 9. And the average amount paid per claim? $29,913.00! Now, that's still less than the national average of $36,573.00 per claim. But still, would you really want to get involved with settling something like that at those kind of dollar figures? Ouch.

We've all known pet owners who are just irresponsible and stupid. But it can happen involving good owners, too. In this dog-eat-dog, sue-sue-sue lititigous society, here's hoping you take extra precautions to keep your critters from putting the chomp on someone you don't want them to.


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