I'm sure it's hard enough to get aliens to visit your Welcome Center, but when they can't watch TV there? Yikes! Could make things real tough.

More on that later. I'm just thinking that if we were able to get nearly five million for a Bridge Over the Street Reserve, we should be able to get us an Alien Welcome Center funded. Because Jody Pendarvis is just not getting the job done!

Jody lives in Bowman, South Carolina. AP tells us that he reported a break-in to his facility that attempts to attract extraterrestrials. The earthly (we assume) intruder stole his flat-screen TV. The UFO Welcome Center is shaped like a UFO from cheesy 1950s sci-fi movies. Apparently the thief was able to rig the pulley that lowers the craft's main door.

Jody built the center in 1994 to attract extraterrestrials. He reported one alien sighting in 1999. I think Missoula could do better! It just seems like space creatures would be comfy here. Mainly because....(you guys take it from here).


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