Would you agree that the traffic light at South and Johnson is ill timed? The light near the Montana Rail Link dog park, the Southgate Mall, and AlphaGraphics, you know the one. Since the reconstruction of that area a few years ago, I'm continually finding myself going on green while other cars are doing the same. At first I thought it was that people coming from the Mall, facing north and turning west, were just eager to run the light. But after it happened approximately one billon times, it has occurred to me that it's the light, not the drivers.

I keep meaning to let somebody at the local Montana Department of Transportation know, but you know how it is, you think of it at the time and immediately forget when your mind goes back to all the other business in your life. But I made a point to remember today after I scared the living crap out of a teenage driver. I use that intersection 4 to 6 times per day, and on my final run today, moving east to turn north on the green light, and nearly hitting the teenager turning in front of me, no doubt appropriately on a green light, I knew I had to tell the MDT before someone gets hurt. I'm sure there have been more than a few wrecks there, not Reserve and Mullan level, but it really is kind of a cluster right there.

Are there any other intersections in town that seem to have lights out of sync? I may as well alert the MDT to all of 'em since I'm contacting them anyway.

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