'Dirty Dancing,' the classic '80s film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey (aka Ferris Bueller's party-pooping sister), turned 25 years old on Tuesday and there's a lot to be thankful for.

Not only did it mark one of the best on-screen appearances of Swayze's pecs and abs, it also marked the moment when acting all sexy while trying to ballroom dance was considered a legitimate way to woo women. Too bad the movie didn't come with a “Please Do Not Try This At Home” warning.

Enter the seemingly endless age of moviegoers trying to recreate the 'Dirty Dancing' duo's chemistry by attempting one of the most physically tasking dance moves from the film — the iconic over-head lift. For many ambitious fans, there were a couple requirements that seemed to slip their minds. First and foremost, the guy must actually be physically able to pick up the woman. Secondly, drinking should be avoided while attempting this stunt. And lastly, the move should not be performed around breakable objects.

Since most people forgot one or all of these tid bits, moderate to epic-level 'Dirty Dancing' FAILs ensued. Thank the high heavens for YouTube, otherwise we would never have been able to witness these blustering dancers first hand.

Help celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary with some of the funniest and most disastrous 'Dirty Dancing' lift FAILs on the Web.

  • 1

    When Two Guys Are Involved

    If you're thinking it'd be fun to try the most iconic move from 'Dirty Dancing' with just two guys, you must remember that the one being lifted won't be a small Jennifer Grey-sized person. You've got to watch out for how much strength you exert. This lifter didn't.

  • 2

    Dubstep and 'Dirty Dancing' Don't Mix

    One part 'Dirty Dancing,' two parts dubstep and five parts drunk makes one of the funniest FAIL cocktails. Aside from the hot mess trying to get her groove on top of the dinner table, the real action comes when one drunken teen thinks it'd be fun to jump into the arms of the man grinding up on her the whole night. Too bad he's not prepared.

  • 3

    You're Thinking Too Much!!!

    It took Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's characters weeks of training to get comfortable performing the lift together. How does this genius think it's possible to teach the lifter the moves in less than 30 seconds? Furthermore, how is it possible that this Grey stand-in knows his stuff? And practicing in your bedroom doesn't count.

  • 4

    Most Awkward Dance Ever

    Hmm. We're not sensing the chemistry between these two dirty dancers. Maybe it's because it seems almost too clear that they're parents tried teaching them the moves and forced them into starring in this video. It's a thought.

  • 5

    Third Time Is So Not the Charm

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, FAIL video gets recorded and posted on YouTube. People say that “practice makes perfect,” but definitely not here.

  • 6

    How 'Dirty Dancing' Quickly Becomes the WWE

    There's a reason the 'Dirty Dancing' lift is traditionally performed with one man and one woman, especially when both have been drinking. It's not a sexist thing, but it's just the simple fact that when two guys on high-protein diets who've already thrown back a couple of brewskies try to get their groove on together, they have a habit of quickly going all WWE Raw on each other.

  • 7

    Don't Mock the “Cocky Dance Move”

    First of all, the 'Dirty Dancing' lift is not “cocky.” It's an artful display of physical ability. And second, don't mock the dance move, otherwise the ghost of Patrick Swayze will come and hex your attempts. That's something this woman will never forget.

  • 8

    Don't Forget the Landing

    For some lifters, the lift isn't that hard to pull off. When they do get their partners in the air, they're so excited to have completed the move that they want to slam them down on the ground in celebration, like football players do after running a touchdown. But dancers are not footballs, gents. Remember this!

  • 9

    Don't Lift Heavy Machinery While Under the Influence

    You're told not to operate heavy machinery when drinking, and the same rules apply for when lifting heavy objects. Love the effort guys, but maybe it'll work out better next time with a few less tequila shots… Maybe.

  • 10

    Bro-in' Out

    There's nothing like hanging with your boys and practicing the 'Dirty Dancing' lift. Our we right, guys? No? Huh, well, maybe that's why this one makes for such a funny FAIL video. Also, gotta love how their first reaction to their bro face planting into the ground was, “Did you get that on video?”

  • 11

    Honorable Mention

    This may not be the best 'Dirty Dancing' lift FAIL of all time, or even one of the top 10, but one thing is for sure — slow motion makes everything funnier.

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