Dierks Bentley and Elle King take full advantage of the world's fascination with shows like 1883 in their new music video for "Worth a Shot," opting for a classic 18th century Western storyline.

Bentley plays a man wanted by the law, and with a $5,000 reward up for grabs, the entire town is out to get him. When his wife (King) learns of his wrongdoings, she knows just where to find him. She walks into his favorite poker house and discovers some other fellas in town have already found him.

With one stern look, she convinces the men to let her punish her man instead of them. However, it's not long until he's right back to causing trouble ... and that's when King has the idea to dress up like a man and challenge the whole place to a drinking contest. It's a last ditch effort to save her man from the reward-thirsty townspeople.

After each contender bows out, it's time to face her law-breaking husband. It's at this moment the sheriff shows up to arrest Bentley. He tries to sneak out the back, only to have the sheriff meet him there with a gun in hand. King sneaks up and breaks a bottle over the sheriff's head, thus knocking him out. It's then that she removes her disguise and the two flee together.

Now, they're both wanted by the law.

In a behind-the-scenes video posted on social media, Bentley reveals that the concept for the video was crafted by King. The "Drunk" singer also got her family involved, as her husband Dan Tooker and son Lucky both make appearances.

"Worth a Shot" was written by Ross Copperman and Shane McAnally. Bentley had cut the track individually first, but then gave it to King, and it was her who suggested they make it a duet.

It's the second song the pair have recorded together. They joined forces for the No. 1 hit "Different for Girls" in 2016. The friends recently performed at the Ryman together:

Up next, Bentley will hit the road on the summer leg of his Beers on Me Tour. Ashely McBryde and Travis Denning will join him. Meanwhile, King is working on her first-ever all country album. She recently scored a No. 1 country hit with "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" featuring Miranda Lambert.

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