Maybe the Griz should consider rebranding. Do you think there'd be as many fans of the team if they were known as the Montana Mules? And played games at Washington-Muley Stadium? I bet Monte Mule would be a ton of fun to watch at games.

That thought just occurred to me because, this past week, University of Montana students and administrators were surprised to see a pack of mules walking around the Oval on campus. But before you ask: no, these were not random, wild mules that just walked in off the street. They were supposed to be there!

The mules were there with the U.S. Forest Service Northern Region Pack Train, who was visiting campus for an event in the university was promoting several of their summer courses. That includes a few courses that involve working with the mules, such as "Wilderness Policy and Packing."

So there we go! Another case closed. It's definitely an eye-catching way to raise awareness for a summer course, and it sounds like a lot of students - especially those studying forestry - have taken an interest.

I was a communications student when I was in college, and only took one summer course the whole time I was there: "The History of Science Fiction Films." I'm just saying, if the UM has a similar course they're looking to promote, maybe don't go the same route. We don't need Missoula freaking out about aliens invading UM campus.

Did you get to see the mules at the University of Montana this week?

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