With just a few days until Halloween - you better get on it if you plan on impressing with a costume this year. One go-to place for costumes in Missoula is Spirit Halloween (on Longstaff St., off Russell.) It's always exciting to see activity in the building around late summer/early fall as they get ready to open for the season. My only complaint with Spirit Halloween is that they need to stock a few more of the bigger sized options for us chubby guys. We got costumes for the whole family this year.....well, the whole family except me. It's hard to find costumes that are larger than one size fits most or XL, and those aren't even close to fitting someone that normally sports an XXL. Hey costume providers, you have a whole market full of dad bods that is just waiting to be tapped into!

Even though a trip to Spirit Halloween is an annual adventure, I didn't realize a pretty cool thing that the store does every year. For the last 14 years, the "Spirit of Children" program has been happening nationwide with Spirit stores. They raise money for local children's hospitals and the Missoula store is benefitting the Montana Children's Medical Center in Kalispell. Customer donations and store contributions help provide items to patients that will help make the hospital stay an easier and better experience. A KPAX article has more on the yearly fundraising efforts and shared these thoughts from Spirit Halloween owner Melanie Lerum:

“When we see these happy healthy children here buying costumes it's nice to remember those who may not be as fortunate to be out trick or treating. That sort of puts things in perspective. If you are a little bit bummed you aren't going to go out with a big suitcase of candy but also, you're not in the hospital either."

This goal for fundraising at Missoula' Spirit Halloween store is $9,000 this season. It's been an interesting year and we're all having to reassess how easily we part with any extra money. But if you're able, give a donation while you're making a purchase to help a great cause. And if you're still searching for a costume - this coupon will save you a bit of money. It's valid through tomorrow.

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