Montana is home to some truly amazing things - both Glacier and Yellowstone National Park, wide mountain ranges, exciting cities like Missoula with vibrant concert scenes (in a normal year)... so why don't people come by more often?

Thrillist highlighted the least-visited states in the entire country, and Montana was number four on the list with roughly 12.6 million annual visitors. They go into the national parks and towns like Missoula and Whitefish to sell people on visiting the state.

And they should! I was born and raised in New York and only moved to Montana a little over two years ago for work. Before the job, I had no real desire to visit the state, but I'm really glad I did - I had no idea how great Missoula would turn out to be, and how much I like looking out the window while I'm at work and seeing a beautiful mountain range in the distance.

So which states beat us for their lack of tourism? At number three you've got Deleware (which immediately recalls the classic Wayne's World joke: "Hi... I'm in Deleware"). Number two is Wyoming, and then number one ended up being Alaska. And I'm betting there's a ton of great stuff in Alaska too, but also, it's very cold and hard to get to.

Are you surprised to find that so few people visit Montana every year compared to everywhere else? Do you think they should give it a chance, or would you rather the tourists just stay out?

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