Dexter is back in a new teaser clip that reveals the serial killer’s charming side as he embraces his new identity. The final season of the Showtime series will wrap up the storyline of Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall. It’s also a revival of sorts — the previous eighth season debuted in 2013. The upcoming 10 episodes are a part of their own standalone limited series, which see Dexter in a new place with a new identity, but the same old desire to kill.

Watch the full preview clip below.

In the teaser, we hear a cheery, whistled tune that feels right at home in the quaint upstate New York town we see on screen. Michael C. Hall strolls down a charming street, greeting everyone he passes. One man calls him “Jimmy,” another refers to him as “Jimbo,” and a group of what appears to be high school or college students use the name “Mr. Lindsay.” As confirmed in an eight-second clip released yesterday, Dexter’s new alias is Jim Lindsay. And he seems to be liked by everyone in town.

But then, he walks by a storefront that has a set of gleaming knives in the window. The chipper music stops abruptly, replaced by the sharp sound of feedback. Hall stares intently at the knives, and lets out a deep exhale. Then the trailer cuts to black. It appears that Dexter is trying his best to stay in good graces with his neighbors, but he's still drawn to his previous ways.

Dexter is slated to arrive on Showtime later in 2021.

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