Montana FWP has asked us to help heighten awareness of a senseless, disgusting act of vandalism that occurred a couple weeks ago.

Using 4-wheelers, vandals broke into the Ennis Fish Hatchery. They filled the raceways with debris, windows were broken and 20 huge rainbow trout were killed with ice choppers and hoes. Whatever the circumstances, this sure comes off as a controlled and well-planned deliberate attack, not about anti-fishing, just pure stupidity.

The Ennis Hatchery has been operating for over 80 with no major incidents. Everyone respected the hatchery and gates were seldom locked. That is sure to change. The hatchery supplies over 20 million eggs to hatcheries around the country. Trout are kept for two to three years. A lot of the large surplus trout are stocked in kids' fishing ponds.

While it is out of our area in western Montana, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking you to keep an eye on your social media platforms. Sometimes jackasses like to brag. If you see or hear anything, call 1-800-TIP-MONT or the Madison County sheriff's office, 406-843-5301.




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