For those who need health insurance coverage for the new year, the deadline to enroll for individual or small group plans is rapidly approaching, December 15.

Laura Parvey Connors with the Montana State Insurance Commissioner's office said on Wednesday, that there is still a little time to shop around for the best deal.

"You must enroll by December 15 to ensure coverage starting January 1st of 2017," Parvey Connors said. "We have a website called 'Montana Health Answers' that has the list of local people in your neighborhoods that can help you select a health insurance plan. Health insurance can be complicated and there are a lot of plans out there. There are three different companies that are offering plans through Healthcare dot gov, and there are dozens of plans available."

Parvey Connors said many people struggle with insurance terms that can be confusing.

"Just what is a deductible, how do co-pays work, and other questions like out-of-pocket expenses," she said. "We have qualified people here in our office or in Missoula and the surrounding area that can help answer those questions."

The Affordable Care Act offers subsidies to over 80 percent of those in the individual health insurance marketplace to help coverage be more affordable.

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