A coalition of groups working to permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund met for a tour of the Edith Peak Project on Friday.

Montana Senator Steve Daines accompanied personnel from the U.S. Forest Service, Stimson Lumber Company and management from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation from the Smoke Jumper Center as they hiked part of the Edith Peak LWCF Project.

“The media likes to report on the fights in Washington, D.C.,” said Daines. “The media loves to talk about a fight, but what doesn’t get reported is the good work being done right now. Republicans and Democrats are working together, and a good example of that is the permanent reauthorization of the Land and water Conservation Fund. That’s something that needs to be done and I have supported it, and we have both Republicans and Democrats supporting it.”

One reporter at the event asked Senator Daines about the President calling out Congressman Greg Gianforte’s ‘body slam’ incident last year, and Daines deflected the comment, defending his friend and colleague from Bozeman.

“I can’t speak for the President,” said Daines. “I can speak for Greg. He’s a dear friend of mine and he regrets what happened, and I’m sure he wishes he could have that night over again. He wishes he could have that moment, but we make mistakes in life, he took responsibility for it and he has moved on.”

Senator Daines then led a group of reporters and industry representatives to the wilderness area for a brief tour of the Edith Peak area.

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