Your heartwarming memories of your wedding day make for great stories after the fact. Or, if things went a little different than you planned - like all those videos we see on America's Funniest Videos, that can also make for some fantastic stories down the line.  When my wife and I got married we did it on a boat that cruised around the lake for four hours and dropped everyone back off at shore when the deed was done. Only one person and their guest missed the boat. We couldn't tell you EVERY single person that made it to the wedding, but we'll always remember the ones waiting on dry land when we returned.

A lot of people have had to put their wedding plans and dreams on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. What an unfortunate thing for those that have spent a year or more planning all the details. But, a fantastic contest from Mountainside Weddings aims to give away a $40,000 wedding package to a lucky couple that had to cancel their wedding because of COVID-19.

Before we continue, go look at Mountainside Weddings online if you're thinking about getting married. They're minutes from Whitefish and Kalispell, and the services they offer look amazing!

Okay, onto the good stuff. Mountainside Weddings contacted a bunch of other businesses about putting together a Montana wedding package and everyone they asked were overwhelmingly on board. So, they've teamed up with a bunch of wedding service providers to offer everything needed to make your abruptly scheduled day one to remember. Winners will have a wedding ceremony on July 31st. The event will include 100 guests, table settings, photography, flowers, tux rentals, hair & makeup, dinner, cake, event staff, entertainment, a cash bar, and more.

If this sounds ideal for you, or someone you know, enter for the $40,000 Montana wedding giveaway HERE. The deadline is June 21st and a winner will be announced on June 30th.


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