Blake Shelton, Kellie Pickler and Kix Brooks already have gigs beyond being country singers, with Shelton coaching on 'The Voice,' Pickler winning 'Dancing With the Stars' and Brooks hosting his radio countdown show. But soon, the singers will have new additions to their respective resumes, as they've all landed guest voice roles on the new animated CMT series 'Bounty Hunters' (which, by the way, sounds hilarious).

The show features comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Lisa Lampinelli. Jeff, Bill and Larry will be colleagues at Barton Bounty Hunters, situated in the southern town known as Skeeter Creek. They work together to nab fugitives and keep their beloved town safe and sound. Lampinelli will voice the role of a loudmouth bail bondswoman. There's also other drama involving ex-wives and more.

Shelton will serve as Buck Masters, a rival bounty hunter, which sounds like a part he was born to voice. Pickler is slated to play a character named Daisy, who has an air of mystery about her. Brooks, meanwhile, has nabbed the voice role of a demolition derby expert.

Consider us very curious as to how these voice roles play out. Shelton, Pickler and Brooks all have distinct speaking voices that are full of inflection and personality, which will certainly add to the overall entertaining nature of the series. We can't wait to tune in.

'Bounty Hunters' premieres July 13.

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