Missoula County Commissioners Josh Slotnick, Dave Strohmaier and Juanita Vero have set aside Friday, May 22 as ‘Trooper Wade Palmer Day’ in Missoula County.

“It’s definitely time that Missoula County weighed in with a formal recognition for the service of Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer,” said Commissioner Strohmaier. “One way to do so would be to declare one day as ‘Wade Palmer Day’ in Missoula County. Not only to recognize his service not only to the State of Montana, but also specifically to Missoula County and Missoula County residents, given the sacrifices he made in the line of duty here in our very own county.”

The motion was proposed by Commissioner Vero and seconded by Commissioner Strohmaier.

The proclamation itself is attached here.


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