Mount Jumbo currently poses little danger of avalanche, as long as people stay off the mountain, stated a press release from the City of Missoula, referencing information received from the Western Montana Avalanche Center.

Missoula City Fire Chief Jeff Brandt provided more details after sending personnel up the mountain.

“We sent Travis Kraft and Tim Laroche on top of the mountain yesterday,” said Chief Brandt. “They were able to do some sampling and take a look at conditions and there's not a huge risk going on right now, but we know we're leaning forward into that and making sure our processes and our information is good. They were able to take some sampling up there, and we did some great work with some drones as well on flight paths and then generated that report for conditions up on Mount Jumbo.”

Brandt said the simplest way to stay safe from an avalanche is to stay off Mount Jumbo.

“The biggest message is to stay off the mountain in those closed areas,” he said. “You know there is snow and a weak layer up in those paths at the head. But, you know they can be caused by human triggers or something like that, so the best prevention is to stay off the mountain.”

Referencing the deadly avalanche that occurred in Missoula in 2014, Brandt said the city is being proactive to keep people safe outdoors this winter.

“Especially after our experience that we had, we certainly are very proactive in what we're doing,” he said. “We’re looking to make sure our notification process and our incident action plans are in place and there’s cooperation through all agencies in case something like that happens, and we’re doing the best we can.”

The Avalanche Center works with the Missoula Fire Department under a cooperative agreement, in cooperation also with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.

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