While the theft return may have included snarky comments, it was worth it for a guy to get his Baby Jesus back.

The Montana Standard and AP reported last week that Jack McCormick of Butte had the Baby Jesus figurine stolen from the Christmas nativity display in his front yard. The statue was stolen on New Year's Day but returned on Thursday. Mr. McCormick said he was relieved to find it laying in the snow in his yard.

He had taken to social media including pictures, seeking help in getting the 15-inch figurine back. Who knows what prompted the speedy return, but the figurine did have two notes attached to it, which read, "This is God. I took my son back for a trip. I'm returning him home now. God bless" and "Please keep further matters off Facebook."

I guess if all you have to deal with is a couple of wise-ass remarks to get a prized belonging returned, that ain't too bad.



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