One of the cool things to see after moving to Missoula was that people could drop a surfboard into the water and surf right in the river! I thought the Clark Fork River's man-made wave near Caras Park was pretty cool on its own - but even more so after seeing the backstory that goes along with it.

The following is from a 2014 Missoulian article:

"The wave takes its name from 32-year-old Brennan Guth, who was regarded in Missoula as a teacher, explorer, athlete and river advocate. He was also one of the world’s best kayakers, claiming descents of rivers around the world. But in 2001, while paddling the Rio Palguin in Chile, Guth became trapped in a current and died. One of his biggest dreams was to remove the tangle of concrete and rebar that clogged the Clark Fork below the Higgins Avenue Bridge."

You can read the rest of the article HERE with details on how the wave went from idea to reality. 

I thought this was pretty cool to see over the weekend. It was a story about Brennan's Wave that popped up on my phone - which isn't too crazy on its own because Missoula is always the subject of articles from outside sources. But the part I thought was interesting was when I realized that Macau Business dot com is "the leading English-based publisher in Macau." Yep, in the place that's located in the People's Republic of China. The website is targeted to the people of China - but included a story about how people can enjoy water sports in a man-made wave in Missoula, MT. How cool is that?

The article is short and sweet but it features the video above and includes some sights of Missoula along with some interviews from locals.

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