Friday night started out just like every other weekend, get off work, and get ready for our Friday night bowling league at Westside Lanes. At bowling league each week you bowl three games with your team. Our first game as a team was really good, but pretty much all due to my wife Savannah, she was on fire.

She was perfect through her first seven frames, that is seven strikes in a row! When you start getting close to a perfect game it's crazy how things change. After the first three frames you start joking about the possibility. By the fifth frame you realize there is actually a chance it could happen. By the sixth frame you don't bring it up anymore, just try to distract that bowler so they aren't thinking about it.

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be this time but her final score for the game was a 268, which is much better than I have ever done. It was fun to see and even more fun to cheer on. What is even more fun than her score Friday night is the fact that this isn't her high score, she once bowled a 287. I was lucky enough to see a 300 game last year during our league by Jacob Mandell here in Missoula. It was really fun to see something like that in person.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Salmon Lake!

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