Cassadee Pope's "One More Red Light" is the sort love song you need when you don't need love songs. The singer describes those brilliant early moments in a new relationship, when you can't keep your mind or hands off of each other.

The uptempo vocal showcase could very well be inspired by Pope's current relationship, but it's not so personal that it becomes in accessible. "One More Red Light" is about time as much as it's about young love. In this case it moves too fast, creating urgency for the lovers involved. They do what's natural to fill silence created by an emptying of the conversational tank: make out.

Pope doesn't divert from what she's done previously. The song starts soft before she leans back to belt out a massive chorus. That's kind of her thing — like so many singers we're introduced to through reality television, the Florida native is a vocalist first and foremost. The lyrical strength of "One More Red Light" speaks to her songwriting skills, as well (Kelly Archer and Emily Shackleton helped Pope write this song).

Did You Know?: Pope is dating Nashville actor Sam Palladio. They first bonded over their dogs.

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Cassadee Pope's "One More Red Light" Lyrics:

I got your jacket on / Hanging off my shoulder / Closed down that restaurant / Guess the going out’s supposed to be over / You go out of your way / To show me where you work / And I feel you hit the brakes.

Waiting on that green to turn yellow / Since we said hello / Time’s been flying / I don’t wanna let go, so let’s find …

One more red light, let’s keep it going / Take another lap around this town / Another slide over to your side, stealing kisses / Baby I just wanna drag it out / Let’s take the long way home / Nice and slow / Before we have to say goodnight / Let’s find one more red light / Let’s find one more red light.

Who cares if we hold up / A little bit of late night traffic / If they flash their brights at us / Roll your window down, just wave them all / Around us, baby I’m down to take our time / Let’s keep on driving ‘til we find …

We can stop, lean on in / Thirty seconds of your lips / Until the light turns back to green / Hands off the wheel holding onto me.

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