Carrie Underwood has placed her former Franklin, Tenn. residence for sale. The modest three-bedroom home can be yours for the asking price of $372,500 -- slightly less than the $384,000 Underwood paid for a few years back.

According to TMZ, the 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer and her pro hockey player hubby, Mike Fisher, dropped $3.2 million for 400 acres of land in 2011 to build their dream home as a married couple, and as a result, have to unload her original place of residence.

Underwood's former 2,956-square-foot home was one of the first major purchases she made following her 'American Idol' win in 2005. Earlier this year, Underwood recalled a time when she was nearly forced to withdraw from the competition, which would have no doubt derailed the singer's journey to become one of the biggest moneymakers  in country music.

“We were getting fitted for in-ear molds, and I had an incident with the lady that was doing mine and she managed to hit my ear drum,” shares Underwood. “I was like in ridiculous pain, and I couldn’t hear out of one of my ears, like nothing. It was dead … So I just crossed my fingers, hoping I was singing on key.”

Fortunately, Underwood soldiered on and was crowned the supreme singer of the fourth season of the long-running reality competition show. To date, the singer has sold a combined 15 million records with her first four studio albums, and has earned an impressive 13 No. 1 singles in just seven years.

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