In my early days as a dad, there were a few things that took some practice. The first was obviously learning how to spot the signs your kid was about to projectile vomit in public. The second was learning how to not projectile vomit when changing a diaper. And, the hardest skill for me to master, the proper use of the "Dad Voice."

What is a "Dad Voice?"

When the kids don't listen to a word Mom is saying and then dad steps in by dropping his voice and octave and then tells the kids what to do and without as much as a moments hesitation they do the exact thing Mom as been asking them to do for the last hour!

Even as a person that talks for a living, I couldn't master this skill. However, my dad was a Jedi when it came to the art of the dad voice. That man could stop me in my tracks from a half mile away with a simple "knock it off!"

As it turns out, the dad voice is not only effective with unruly kids. It is also effective against unruly bears.

According to the trending video on YouTube

"My wife and I were at a cabin for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We have three young sons, so when a black bear wandered out of the woods and opened my car door, I used what my kids call 'the dad voice' to yell at the bear, and he immediately stopped what he was doing and closed my car door for me. Twice."


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