I'm kind of excited about this because we're always watching some form of American Ninja Warrior around my place. My daughter enjoys the Junior version of the show so we'll settle on that when we're looking for something to watch on tv together.  And when I'm solo and want to really feel bad about my own physique, strength, and stamina, I'll watch the regular version. Ha! But this is pretty cool, it looks like an upcoming episode will give Montanans a reason to root for one of the contestants as a teenager from Butte will compete during season 14 of the skill-challenging show.

A Montana ninja is set to tackle the course

When you watch American Ninja Warrior, you can't help but be amazed at how much time the ninjas put into their training. In the case of 16-year-old Evan Andrews, a KPAX story about his upcoming appearance on the show says he's training six days a week and up to three hours a day after school. Dang! Talk about being committed. When I was 16 I would get home from school, grab a Pepsi and some Cheez-Its, and plop in front of the tube.

Take a look at how effortless he makes it look as he navigates his way around the ninja training course that's built in the family's garage! Of course, everybody on the show is impressive but many find out just how difficult the course on the show is compared to the training they do on their own. Hopefully, Evan can tackle the course and bring a win back to Montana as he lives out one of his dreams.

Does youth give him an edge?

He's 16 now, but by the time he records his episode in late March, Evan will turn 17 and be able to compete against the adults. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage? We'll have to find out when the show makes it to tv - probably over the summer or early fall.

That reminds me.....

It wasn't too long ago that we had a local gymnast from Missoula get a chance to show her stuff on the Junior version of the show. Check out her performance! Ah yes, Montana.....Big Sky Country Ninja Country.

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