Brad Paisley stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' with fellow 'Rising Star' stars Josh Groban, Kesha and Ludacris on Tuesday (June 17) to talk about the unique singing show. While there, the country singer dished up a performance of his latest single 'River Bank,' as well as 'Moonshine in the Trunk.'

Kesha took the reins to describe the "really big" wall and the show where hopefuls "sing for their lives," calling it "terrifying." Paisley and the three others laughed when host Jimmy Kimmel asked if singers die behind the wall, after the pop star's interesting description. The goal is for singers to raise the wall, which will be filled with viewer selfies that they'll submit while voting.

Kesha believes that there could be a few "interesting selfies" (aka inappropriate pictures) that show up on the wall. "You're promoting this," Paisley says in response. "They're going to do this now!"

After all the talk about 'Rising Star' was out of the way, Paisley hit the stage to do what he does best: sing country. He delivered two songs for the energetic audience, including his current single, 'River Bank.' He looked sleek in all black, but wore a big white cowboy hat as a nod to the genre. While singing, Paisley strummed the bright red guitar to the beat, and when he took a couple of guitar solos, the crowd showed their affection towards those talented fingers.

Paisley took a minute to play for a fan with a framed photo of himself while a couple of crowd members got a little too close for comfort, grabbing the singer's black shirt.

Brad Paisley Talks 'Rising Star' on 'Kimmel'

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