Blake Shelton is lined up to both host and perform on 'Saturday Night Live' this Saturday night (Jan. 24). And in a new promo for the live event, the country funny man addresses his 'real' feud with fellow 'The Voice' host Adam Levine.

The commercials find Shelton alongside SNL regular, Cecily Strong.

"Hey Blake, I've always been curious ... Is your rivalry with Adam Levine on 'The Voice,' is that real, or are you just playing that for TV?" Strong asks a smiling Shelton.

"Oh, it's real," he says, laughing. "I mean, it's so real. In fact, that guy is such a punk."

The 'Austin' hitmaker then turns to face the camera to address Levine directly. "I actually have a message for you right now, Adam," he says. "Hey Adam! Look who's hosting SNL now, pretty boy, hot shot. You silly mother ..."

Shelton trails off rather than finishing his sentence, unsure if he's able to say what he'd intended. Strong backs up the 'Neon Light' singer, even if she's a little timid about it. "And me too, Levine," she adds.

In another commercial for 'SNL,' Strong tries her hand at a deep Southern accent: "Well, I do declare, it is a breath of fresh air to have some good ol' Southern charm 'round this show." Shelton is baffled by her performance, but is quick to correct her Southern slang.

However, it's a parody of 'The Voice' that really has us laughing. In the snippet, Shelton describes to Strong -- who is sitting in a big chair -- exactly what he'll be doing on the show. It's one silly voice that finally gets Strong to turn her chair around in approval.

Tune in this Saturday to catch Mr. Miranda Lambert on 'Saturday Night Live' on NBC.

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