The Stevensville Bird Count is December 29. Even if you're not participating in that event, you can identify birds with these tips from the Bitterroot Outdoor Journal's Bob Danley on KLYQ. The photo above shows a Bald Eagle. Below is a Golden Eagle. And there are differences.

golden Eagle
Golden Eagle with some differences from a Bald Eagle. (Bob Danley Photo)

From a distance, you can see that the Bald Eagle head is greater than a half length of its tail, while the Golden Eagle head is less than a half length of its tail. Also, where the wing attaches to the body - Bald Eagle has a uniform "plank-like" width. The Golden Eagle has some extra bulges. So, heads are different sizes and wings are slightly different.

Bob also included a "mystery" bird, which is the size of a Robin, but is definitely NOT a robin. We'll give you the answer after Christmas.

bird by river
This bird is the size of a Robin. What is it? (Bob Danley Photo)

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