The Camas (see photo above) are beginning to take over the fields of western Montana as we continue, haltingly, into spring. The birds are plentiful, according to Bob Danley of KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal. Over 207 species have been identified in Missoula County and 184 different species in Ravalli County. And with all that's happening in nature around us, it's a good idea to take a camera with you.

Many people are using the great cameras in their smartphones, but for those who are using those "non-phone" cameras, with zoom lenses and such, Bob has a few tips. When you take the photo, bring your elbows in next to your body. Use the left hand under the camera to steady it and the right hand to grasp the side and snap the shutter. Use Auto-focus, if you have it on your camera and the "action" setting is good, too. Breathing is important - exhale before pushing the shutter button. And, don't spend all your time looking through the viewfinder. Put the camera down and just look around, real life nature in real "3-D!"

painted lady butterfly
Painted Lady butterfly. (Bob Danley photo)

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