This weekend will be one of the most exciting when it comes to professional football. It is the Divisional round of the playoffs with four really great match ups.

Sat Jan 16th

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots at 2:35pm. Billy's prediction: Chiefs 27- Patriots 20. Reason, the Kansas City defense is very strong and I think they will end Tom Brady's playoff run early this year.


Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals at 6:15pm. Billy's Prediction: Packers 14- Cardinals 34. Reason, the Packers just aren't playing great football right now. They had a good game against the Redskins but I think they are done after this weekend.


Sun Jan 17th

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers at 11:05am. Billy's Prediction: Seahawks 24- Panthers 20. Reason, I admit it I am a Seahawks fanatic, but I also think the Hawks have the playoff experience to beat the Panthers and make Cam Newton cry.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos at 2:40pm. Billy's Prediction: Steelers 20- Broncos 28. Reason, only because the Steelers are hurt at many positions. If Big Ben plays I think the Steelers will pull out the big win over the Broncos.


Those are my picks for this weekend. Agree or disagree?


  • Go Griz!

    Griz win over NDSU!!!

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