It's a great thing when you see one of your friends are going after their goals in life, I just wish it meant he was staying here in Missoula. My favorite bartender, friend, and Osprey baseball watching buddy John Surratt is moving to Portland with his beautiful fiance Ansha. It's so bittersweet. From my first month of moving to Missoula, John was one of the first guys that I actually enjoyed hanging out with. He was working at Bodega and just talking sports with me and a couple of my friends who came out from Seattle. Often times those same friends ask how John is doing. Just an all around good guy!

One of my fondest memories of John is a few years back when my wife (Savannah) and I went out downtown Missoula and John recognized that I had too much to drive, so without hesitation he took my keys and drove us home after he got done shutting down the bar. He would do anything to help out a friend. To one of the most genuine people I have ever met, I wish you the best, and when you come back to visit you better let me know.

Photo courtesy of Ansha Lynn

John and Ansha please know that I wish you both the best in everything you do, cheers to your new journeys in life. Except I don't ever hope the cowboys win, especially this weekend!