It just amazes me how Facebook has changed our whole society, and way of life. For lots of things social media can be great like letting people know of potential dangers. Although liking something on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean you like that thing, it just means you want more information on the topic. This week I learned that lesson the hard way.

Photo courtesy of John Jenkins
Photo courtesy of John Jenkins

If you read this without knowing me, it looks as if I 'like' Sexual Offenders of Montana. That couldn't be any further from the truth--I was just interested in more information on Sexual Offenders around the same area that I live. Knowing about Sexual Offenders that live in the general area that I live in is important to me.

When you want to follow a page on Facebook, you 'like' it. That's how you do it. There's no other option. Of course, Facebook can then take that 'like' and show it to all of your friends.

All I was trying to do was get more information; I would never like anything having to do with Sexual Offenders. But that didn't stop my brother from taking the above photo and letting me know it looked like I like Sexual Offenders in Montana. Ugh. Stupid Facebook.

Just make sure you learn from my mistake and be careful with what you choose to like, it can make you embarrassed even when that wasn't your intention.

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