I watched a couple of movies over the weekend, both with lots of action ; A Good Day to Diehard and Reacher. Diehard was a typical Bruce Willis movie almost non-stop action. He’s in Russia and becomes involved with his son who is a CIA agent. There’s several plots going on and the McClanes are right in the middle of everything. Outrageous chase scenes and lots of explosions (turn up the sound system).

Reacher is a character developed by author Lee Childs. Jack Reacher is a former U.S. Army MP Investigator who left the service and is a drifter. A man accused of shooting five people asks for his help in proving his guilt or innocence. The plot of this movie is quite a bit more intricate but it doesn’t lack for action. The script is a better written and there’s a strong supporting cast. Of the two I like this movie better.

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