Dan Dan noodles are amazing - can't find them in Missoula.  You can in NY and Seattle?

I have been on a mad search for the best Chinese food in Missoula since I moved here from New Jersey almost 16 months ago.  What have I found in the way of hot and sour soup, twice cooked pork and Dan Dan noodles here in the Garden City you may ask? The answer may surprise you.  A dear friend who is from the Bronx, NY, who moved here over 15 years ago, swears by a small family owned restaurant over on SW Higgins Street called Bamboo Chopstix.  I checked out Bamboo Chopstix and was pleasantly surprised with both the hot and sour soup and the shrimp with garlic sauce.  By no means is this the Grand Sichaun International on 24th and 9th in New York - or Wu Liang Ye by Rockefeller Center - but it does serve up good food in a clean and pleasant setting.  If you want Dan Dan Noodles - you will need to go to Seattle for that.  Other solid 3 out of 5 stars in Missoula include: Triple Dragon on Broadway with a solid Hot and Sour soup and Asahi on Stephens Street.  Both owned by the same family. Other than that - you need to head West - young man!

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