Sometimes you want to get away from people, work, and the constant information overload that happens every day. Occasionally you want to enjoy what's around you and have some peace. This cabin could help.

Montana is where you can get away from everyone and spend quality time in the wilderness. Whether you like camping or renting a cabin, there are many options to choose from in Montana. People love hearing the wind blowing through the trees, the rustling of a river, or the call of an elk. It can soothe the soul.

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That's why when we found a list of the Best Cabin Rentals Across the U.S. from Thrillist, we had to see if any cabins from Montana were recommended. To no one's surprise, two cabins had the honor of beings some of the best cabin rentals in America.

The first cabin is the Chico Hot Spring Luxury Cabins in Pray. Chico Hot Springs is known as one of the best getaways in Southwest Montana. These cabins offer a rustic feel and gorgeous views of the Paradise Valley. Plus, you have full access to the lodge and the hot springs. If the price tag is a little expensive for you, Chico has other cabins that are as fun to rent.

Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa via Facebook
Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa via Facebook

The other Montana cabin that was named one of the best in America was the Big Sky Powder Ridge Cabins at Big Sky Resort. These cabins are a dream for any skier or snowboarder. With multiple bedrooms, these cabins are perfect for a large gathering. The price might seem steep, but this cabin will give you direct access to Lone Peak, and that's worth the price.

Photo by Nachelle Nocom via Unsplash
Photo by Nachelle Nocom via Unsplash

If these cabins seem too expensive, there are also these Southwest Montana getaways you can rent. We have to admit that the cabins above are probably worth every penny.

For more details, check out Thrillist.

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