As you can see in the amazing picture above, I made an amazing $10 purchase while visiting Cabo San Lucas last week. It is not only a mask, it is a Luchador Mask which is used by professional wrestlers. The huge Seattle Seahawks logo on each side makes this quite possibly the best Luchador mask of all time.

The purchase was made downtown Cabo San Lucas while cruise ships were in the marina so it's possible I could have saved a few dollars if I would have waiting to make the purchase but you can't wait on something this fantastic.

To make this even better I won my fantasy football league just a few months ago, and instead of having a trophy we have a traveling wrestling belt. Yes, I now have a Luchador mask and a wrestling belt. I also have our fantasy baseball draft in a few weeks so I know what I will be wearing during the draft!

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

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