It was so much fun to be a zombie at Zombie Laser Tag at the Hub in Missoula. I got the best idea to make the flesh wounds look real and only using household stuff, since I was on a budget. 

Being a zombie isn't easy, there is a walk, groans and moans and of course the look. The look is most important.

I used, white face paint, black grease paint, foundation, toilet paper, glue and red lipstick and blush.

The toilet paper and glue trick was brilliant, I found it on the internet. Taking the glue and ooutliningwhere you want your "flesh wound" and then taking little bits of TP and placing it on the glue, then going over the TP with a bit more glue. Then blow dry a little, let dry and coat with a bit of white paint, pressing down the TP even more. Let that dry then take red blush and cover it, put some black and white to make some grey parts on the outside. then add red lipstick and red lip gloss making it seem like a fresh wound.

I did two flesh wounds on my face, and then added white and foundation together to smear around my face adding a the dead look. Remember though they aren't skeletons which is completely white face...they're not quite that dead yet so make sure you still look semi alive which is why I put foundation and white together.

For my outfit I did ripped up clothes, that I burnt to give an added "dead" look. Then used acrylic paint I had for blood and smeared black chalk on my clothes as well.



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