There has been talk of this off and on for some time. For those of you who thought the talk was all foam and no beer? Well...

A news release from the office of Eric Taber, University of Montana Sports Information,  formally announced today (Tuesday) that new this season inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium, alcohol will be available to purchase inside the stadium at a beer garden located at the south end of the facility. The beer garden will be located just off the concourse, directly behind GrizVision, in a fenced-off area east of the Washington-Grizzly Champions Center.

Summit Beverage will be the official sponsor of the sales venue and it will be operated by   a downtown Missoula establishment, the Bandlander. Griz football game day ticket holders age 21 and older may purchase beer and wine within the confines of the beer garden. But you need to be mindful of the rules and restrictions being placed on the consumption of your adult beverages.

Fans, if you're wanting to have a bite to eat while enjoying your beer or wine, you may bring food into the area. However, beverages will not be allowed back into the stadium.

As far as serving time: The new South Side Beer Garden will open 90 minutes before kickoff. In the case of the first home game this Saturday against Western Illinois, that means 4:30 p.m. The beer garden will remain open through the third quarter.

Customers, you will be allowed to purchase two beverages, maximum. How that will be monitored will hopefully be very apparent to those wishing to partake.

Entrance to the beer garden will only be available from inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium. And it is not likely that fans will be able to see much of the game, if any, from the fenced-off beer garden.

Please enjoy responsibly and GO GRIZ!

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