To heck with the picnic basket, Boo-Boo. This critter was going for happy hour after an apparently tough day at the forest.

AP tells us that a homeowner in Altadena, California, had just kicked back to relax in his yard with an adult beverage when he heard loud rustling in the wooded area just past his fence. Upon investigating the disturbance, he finds a bear just about to climb over the fence and into his yard. Retreating to the house, he looks out the window to see the bear hop in the Jacuzzi for a relaxing soak. The water was unheated and the jets were going, so it must have been bear heaven on a particularly hot day.

The bear spent a little time in the tub, then snooped around the yard and finally lumbered over to the table that the unfinished drink was on, knocked it over and lapped it up. An hour later, it went up a tree and took a nap before finally heading down the road.

The homeowner says he treated himself to two margaritas after that ordeal.




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