(Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I realize I am acting like a teenage girl who just met their idol, but I don't care. One of my favorite online celebrities, BATDAD liked my facebook comment yesterday. If you aren't familiar with BATDAD he is a family friendly short video producer who pokes fun at being a dad, raising kids, having a wife, and doing the normal daily activities as Batman.

Yesterday, BATDAD posted a picture of his son Ben, and commented "Tyrone Biggums" in reference to the Dave Chappelle skit. As you can in the picture I just made a joke about the same skit, and it got some likes, including from BATDAD himself. Probably one of the dumbest things to get excited about but it did make my Wednesday a whole lot better.

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/BatDadOfficial

Have you ever had a celebrity respond to you throughout any digital media platform? Who was it?


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