When I woke up early Saturday morning to start the drive to Billings to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in concert, I had no idea it was going to be the best live show I have ever seen in my entire life. My wife Savannah and I had tickets to the 7:30pm show but luckily got meet and greet passes for the show at 3:00pm, this meant we needed to be at MetraPark by 1:30pm however, when it comes to meeting Garth and Trisha we would have been there at 4am if needed.

When we were escorted backstage we were with 3 other radio personalities, 2 from Helena and 1 from Great Falls. When we got to the green room we waited just seconds before the door opened and in walked Garth and Trisha. They were so nice, truly engaging in conversation, and showing how real and down to earth they truly are.

During the meet and greet we were given some time to sit and chat with them both. I asked Garth what he would be asking Trisha to make when the tour was over. Trisha corrected me and said that Garth would be doing the cooking.  Garth joined in the conversation by saying he planned to get together with some friends and make giant Breakfast Bowls. He became even more relate able by stating that he became friends with these different families because they also have children that play soccer.

My next question was asking Garth and Trisha what they sing at home. It was amazing to find out that they often take songs and add crude words just for fun. Garth admitted Trisha takes her popular song X's and O's and changes it to X's and Hoes. Unfortunately, she didn't sing it for us. However, Garth did sing the beginning of the Oscar Meyer, Bologna song!

Another part of the meet and greet that I will always remember is when one of the other radio DJ's asked Garth about what he thinks of the "new country". Garth started by saying that people used to say that to him all the time. His song "Shameless" was categorized as not country but is now known as a big country hit. While he did admit he doesn't love all of the new country music, he said, "That's country music, it's always changing, always evolving."

We ended the meet and greet with lots of pictures, hugs, and hand shakes. Spending 15-20 minutes with those country superstars will be a memory I cherish for the rest of my life. We were then handed bags full of amazing gifts from Garth and Trisha including 5 shirts, 2 cd's, 2 hats, 2 coffee mugs, 2 key chains, and I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting. Without a doubt the best meet and greet experience of my life.

Then came the concert. It was top notch and high energy from the first second he walked on stage. The best part was a moment my wife will remember for the rest of her life. After meeting Garth and Trisha backstage, he actually sang to her in the crowd. Pointed at her and changed the lyrics of "Callin Baton Rouge" from "Hello Samantha dear, I hope you're feelin' fine" to "Hello SAVANNAH dear, I hope you're feelin' fine". She was shaking for 2 hours after that.

Driving the 5 1/2 hours to get there and even dealing with the construction slow downs were well worth the most amazing concert day I have ever experienced. The whole show sounded great and I feel so lucky for having experienced it. One thing is for sure, every time "Callin Baton Rouge" is played at my house from now on it will be a little bit louder and it will always come with that lyric change that he made during the show.


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