It's my nightly chore to water the hanging flower baskets we have on our porch. Last week I had the hose in the basket and my head right next to it. I was spacing out and just looking around the neighborhood when something caught the corner of my eye. When I rotated my head I was startled and jumped back a bit. I don't usually have anything looking right back at me while I'm watering!

Four baby birds have made a home in one of our flower pots. This was during our 90+ degree days and they just looked like melted balls of skin and beaks. They looked in rough shape so I was just hoping they were going to be able to survive. Over the next few days they started to get a little more active and seem to constantly be in search of food. We have a mist feature on our hose so I was giving them a bit of a spray on those hot days. They seemed to enjoy it and were opening their mouths to catch some droplets falling from the flowers. Was I helping? I'm not sure. I see the mama bird with them but she'll fly away whenever we open our front door to leave the house. So in her absence, and given the fact I was providing a little sustenance, I like to think me and mama bird have been doing some quality co-parenting.

Mama and babies have pretty much killed the plant where they decided to make their home. And my front step of the deck gets a daily dose of droppings. But it's been fun to watch these guys the last week.

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM


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