Everybody’s Birthday is special but today we have an extra special one. Here’s the story; Brian Henderson from out in Drummond called the Craig & Al Show early this AM and wanted to let everyone know about his Grandma’s 100th birthday. Modern technology being what it is, we missed her first name. Al went to work calling a rancher (Brad Radtke) who lives in the area. Brad said he saw a sign about the event at the Sinclair station in Drummond, which his sister-in-law (Katy) runs. Al called Katy and got all the info, it turns out one of the Birthday Lady’s daughters works there. So here we go;

Happy Birthday to Annah Tubbs from all your family and friends. There will a big celebration at the Drummond Community Hall starting at 1 PM Saturday (1-7-2012). Hope you all can make it!


Also celebrating birthdays today; Dennis Daniels and Chase Wiest