In 2017 AniMeals distributed 101,000 pounds of dog food & 87,000 pounds of cat food to animals living on the street, families in crisis, and the pets of the homebound disabled members of the Missoula community. Consequently the AniMeals Food Bank is now empty. Your help is requested to continue to feed the families and the homeless animals they support. In the winter months animals living outside need double the calories just to maintain body heat. They were scheduled for a large load to be delivered which would have gotten them through until spring time but unfortunately that load was canceled leaving us in dire need to be able to help those that count on them.

AniMeals need your help to get them over this rough spot and keep food in the tummies of the animals that rely on them. They need dog food and cat food (both wet and dry). The goal for this food drive is 10,000 pounds. You can purchase all of this off their Amazon wish list online or at most stores. They will be accepting donations 7 days a week, 8am-6:30pm. Together as a community we can do this! It is because of the compassion and generosity of folks like you that they are able to continue the important work of rescuing, feeding and healing animals!

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