If you have company coming over to watch the Super Bowl, and you're not quite sure what to serve, here's a "safe list."

Nothing terribly imaginative here, but at least it gives you an idea of what seem to be sure-fire hits. And of course you can always take some of these basics and put your own personal touches on them. According to a pollster PRHacker, America's top 10 favorites are:

1. Chicken Wings (33%)

2. Pizza (22%)

3.Chips & Dips (17%)

4. Nachos (14%)

5. Chili (6%)

6. Hot Dogs (4%)

7. Sliders (3%)

8. 9. 10. Cupcakes/Mac and Cheese/Cookies (all tied at 1%)

Whatever you serve, have a great time. Don't call in sick to work the next day :-). And may your team come out a winner!



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