This is a pretty incredible story that could convince some people to microchip their pets.

A while back, a family from Australia moved to Missoula - and about ten months ago, their pet cat Sophie went missing.

The family was searching all over, but weren't coming up with anything. Luckily, Sophie wasn't out on the street for long - a stranger actually took her in and cared for her this entire time. And probably would have kept on doing it, but as they began to prepare for a move to Washington D.C., it was clear they weren't going to be able to bring the cat with them.

So they brought Sophie into AniMeals, one of Missoula's favorite pet adoption centers. And when AniMeals got her, they checked her for a microchip. Turns out she had one implanted back when she was in Australia, and so they reached out to that facility, which led them back to Sophie's original family.

And then on top of that, Sophie's original owner had been fostering animals for AniMeals this whole time! So they were able to connect right away, and Sophie is back where she belongs.

So many pet owners have lost a cat or a dog and never get to have this kind of happy ending, so hopefully this story encourages more people to get their pets microchipped. It could help bring you back together one day.

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