It's Spring time in Western Montana and the birds are making themselves visible all around the Bitterroot Valley, especially in my backyard. It was just a few days ago that Savannah noticed some birds in our backyard, she gets really excited when this happens. Last year we had birds, and to have some new ones settling into the already created nest is good to see.

The past few days we have had this Robin in our backyard that is getting very territorial, wanting to make sure other birds know that she has already claimed our backyard as her nest. The problem is this Robin is also seeing it's own shadow from our bedroom window and continues to fly into it, attempting to defend her territory.

What dives me nuts is that every time the bird flies into the window our dogs run outside thinking they need to see what is going on in their backyard. Let's just hope Koda and Gypsy never actually get that Robin because I'm sure they would think it's just a toy.

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