I love me some s'mores!  Let that be the first point I make.  But I hate that all the s'mores flavored desserts of the world are a major letdown.  S'mores candy bars don't ever taste the same.  I always get my hopes up when I find a new brand of s'mores ice cream but it always comes up short.  There is no recreating the original.

When we were standing in line for Chase Rice at The Wilma on Friday night I looked over and saw all the deliciousness on display inside Mary's Mountain Cookies.  I've seen the store from the street but never been able to peek in the window from such close range.  I made a mental note to put a return visit on the to-do list for the weekend.

So Saturday I popped in and ended up leaving with more cookies than I needed.  And I almost talked myself out of the s'mores cookie but decided it looked too delicious to pass up.

Again, there is nothing like an original s'more in my book - but this was finally a dessert that didn't end in disappointment.  A few seconds in the microwave to get it gooey and it was chow time!

TSM/Ryan Nelson
TSM/Ryan Nelson

If you're a s'more lover, chocolate fan, or cookie buff - give this bad boy a try!

Mary's Mountain Cookies
101 S. Higgins in Missoula

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