Thinking about food trucks is making me wonder when we'll have concerts again. It's just how my brain connects the dots - I think of a food truck.....I get a memory of standing in line at one of the food trucks at a Big Sky Brewing Company Amphitheater concert.....I frown because I miss concerts. But I'm turning the frown upside down with the news that there's a new food truck in town.

With a new year comes a new option for Missoulians when it comes to grabbing a mobile meal. Yesterday was opening day for the Ragheef food truck - featuring Middle Eastern cuisine. It's actually owned by the same family that operate the Kamoon food truck.

Here's how they described the offerings on their Facebook page:

"We will serve and for the first time in Missoula Manakish, a popular middle eastern food consisting of dough topped with with a variety of possible toppings like, cheese, ground meat, tomatoes mixed with onions or Zaatar, it can be sliced or folded, and it can be served for breakfast, brunch or lunch. As well we will serve our fresh daily baked Arabic flat bread."

Yesterday was the first day for Ragheef.......and they were sold out before 1 PM. The good news is you'll find them at Imagine Nation Brewing on Monday through Friday from 10 AM - 1 PM. Learn more about their new food truck, and see some delicious pictures of what they have to offer on their Facebook page.

We're pretty lucky to have some awesome choices when it comes to food trucks around Missoula. I'm looking forward to trying the newest addition!

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